Runway visitor park – Manchester airport

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18 feb 2019

You don’t have to wait until your going on holiday to visit the airport. If your kids like planes than this is the place for you!

Jax and Tommy absolutely love this place (almost as much as Blackpool) and now that Jax wants to be an easyJet pilot he would quite happily come back every single weekend.

The park itself is free, however you do have to pay for parking, which is quite expensive (£12 if you stay for more than 4 hours), and in my opinion is absolutely worth it.

Once you are inside there is a large raised viewing mound which has great views of the runway, and they do get quite busy with plane spotters when a large aircraft is due to land or take off.

There are a few planes you can have a look around, an Avro RJX, Trident 3, Monarch DC-10, nimrod and not forgetting Concorde. You do have to book onto and pay for tours of Concorde and the nimrod.

There is also a gift shop, cafe and children’s play area as well as a small fayre during school holidays.

For the first day of half term i booked Jax, Tommy and my niece Gracie and nephew Leo onto a flight academy session, that was only £7 per person, absolute bargain.

As with most of the day trips we do we took a packed lunch along with us so sat straight down to eat that and noticed that quite a few people had gathered on the viewing mounds, a few moments later a big airbus landed and made Jax’s trip.

We still had a bit of time before we had to be at the flight academy so walked round to the Avro and had a bit of a nosey inside, Gracie and Leo were very impressed with this as they hadnt been to the airport before.


Off we went round to the old Monarch plane for the start of our academy where we was met by our wonderful guide.  He took us onto the plan and told us a bit about the plane we was on and then started to go through the job roles in and around the plane and airport.  Jax got chosen to be the plane’s captain so was thrilled.  Tommy was chosen to be cabin crew, Leo a fireman and Gracie guided the plane once it landed.  As well as taking questions from the children the welcomed questions from the adults also. 


After that the children got a chance at sitting on the flight deck and playing with the control’s for a few minuets each.  

To finish off the academy we all made our way down to the viewing mounds to see some of the planes landing and taking off and he also pointed out some of the areas in the airport we had been told about.


As the children had been good we made a little trip into the gift shop on the way back to the car.

This day has been one of our favourite days out and also one of our cheaper days too, we probably wont do the flight academy again as we have done it no however we will most certainly be back too the airport soon.


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