The Deep is, in my opinion, one of the best aquariums ‘up north’ and the kids love it!! Its about 1 1/2 – 2 hours away from where we live but totally worth the drive and like most other attractions now, once you have paid your admission you get to come back for free for a whole year.

We have been here at least twice in the last year and i dare say will be back another good few times before our year pass runs out.

Our journey over is pretty uneventful, straight on the M62 and once you go under the Humber Bridge, that we like to see who can spot first, its about 30 mins away.

We usually take a picnic, however as we went smack bang in the middle of the school holidays thought it would be more sensible to arrive after lunch (after calling off for a Maccy D’s on the way) and hopefully the crowds wouldn’t be as busy, how wrong was we………..

We arrived at the car park at about 2pm and was told we would have to drive all the way around and back out the other side to some additional parking as the normal car park was full, this wasnt a problem as the car parking attendent told us there was definitley extra spaces available in the overflow. However just as we was about to turn around a space became available, phewwww.

The queue was absolutely huge, came all the way out of the entrance and to the end of the building so i though we was going to be in for a long wait, and after our traumatic day at Eureka a few days earlier was not looking forward to it at all. I was ever so plesasently suprised though when they queue literally took 10 mins to go down and once we was inside the whole place flowed so well, we didnt feel rushed or like there was too many people there, or that we couldnt get up close to any of the exhibits. The whole place just worked.

We didnt need to go into the cafe, but after being in there a few times on previous visits i dont think the food is that badly priced, compared to some places that we have been to, if you go upstairs you can go out onto a small balcony that looks out onto the sea, its a fab little photospot but can be a little bit windy.

This is from a visit in 2018

For some reason Tommy doesnt like the first part of the exhibit, it is quite dark and there are a lot of model fossils on the walls and creepy looking creatures, i think it might be from the first time we ever went and he has just remembered that he was scared, Jax however loves this part especially the megladon jaw at the end of the first ramp.

The next part is baby Theo’s favourite, he loves looking in the pool, that is perfect pram height, at all the little fish swimming around, the older two like trying to spot nemo.

Watching the penguins is an absolute must, both above the water and from below, as well as the sharks and big turtles.

As it was half term when we went the boys had some facepaint put on their faces which of course they loved, who doesnt like facepaint especially with glitter on, lol.

Again Tommy was scared when we got down to the deep sea area, but again its dark and some of the creatures are very funny looking, and spikey but the different jelly fish made him smile.

My favourite part was walking under the tunnel with the different fish, sharks and turtles swimming above, all the boys liked looking for the sharks and didnt realise there was one resting at the side of them.

All three boys will agree with me though that the absolute best part of The Deep is the lift at the end when you go through the waters and the fish are all around, it is just so pretty.

The day that we went was unseasonably hot and the sun was just starting to set so Hull looked very pretty in the sun.

Only down side to this trip was that as we went later in the day we hit the rush hour traffic on the way home and it took us over 2 hours……….didnt ruin the day though, the boys just slept, typical!

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